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Why to invest in real estate industry: With growing inflation and market fluctuations, its very difficult for individuals to grow their savings and secure their future with the traditional saving schemes. Even the mutual funds and equities are subject to high risks of fluctuations in the global stock market. The traditional saving schemes such as saving accounts and fixed deposits are not sufficient to secure any person’s future. However, the ability to stay connected and availability of various resources has provided us with the industries providing safer and higher returns on investments. As the industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, availability of land is very less as compared to its demand. Therefore, a steady growth is seen in the prices of property in the near future making it a safer and profitable option to invest your hard-earned money. RIDIL has researched the market and trends in the real estate industry to encourage its customers and investors to invest in the real estate sector to secure their future and savings. Real estate industry is growing at a rate of 30%, therefore investing in this sector will ensure healthy returns to the individuals and organizations. Rich Infra as a part of the real estate industry provide sustenance to various ancillary industries such as building materials, brick makers, steel, paint industry and many others. A sharp boom has been seen in the real estate sector consequent to the government policy to allow the Foreign Direct Investment in this industry. After the introduction of this policy, experts have noticed a sharp rise in the investments and development in this sector. Moreover, with the change in thinking of people to live in their own home instead of rented accommodation, the demand for the residential property has increased significantly in the recent years.

 Our credibility: We have a huge customer base and trust in their hearts. Our customers and associates have long-term relationships with us. Our high quality and customer satisfaction has led us achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification. This important accreditation has been achieved with the constant efforts and support of our employees and associates. Our hard work, reliability and quality service has led us get associated with “Punjab Urban Development Authority” and the “Ministry of Commerce and Industry”. We assure our clients and associates with complete commitment and transparency. We are steadily moving towards a bright future after completing nine successful projects across India in the last three years.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Rich Infra fulfill its duties as corporate responsible organization by creating and providing employment to people in the rural areas. We have made large areas of barren land in rural areas useful for the country, helped in the improvement of lifestyle, and uplifted the living standard of the people in many sectors of the society. The useful land can be used for other businesses like agriculture and infrastructure development, which further increases the scope for employment in rural as well as urban societies. Our CSR team always works towards the education and employment of children and youth in the rural sector. We arrange community meals in various areas of Punjab state at frequent intervals of time.

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